Spring Beauty Buys

Roller Lash // Bouncy Sleep Mask // Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment // Cleansing Sponge // Face Polish

I keep wishing for Spring and with that comes change. The biggest change I want to make is with my skin. For skincare I have found myself looking into more treatments and exfoliators. I recently ran out of the exfoliator I had been using and I just haven’t gotten around to replacing it. I like to exfoliate everyday in the morning so I always look for something gentle but still has some grit. Theres something about feeling a bit of abrasiveness against my skin that makes it seem like I am actually doing something for my skin. I have also been very curious about all the sponges coming out lately that are supposed to be great for gentle exfoliation. Boscia offers a few types of this sponge so I am excited to try them out and see if they could replace a physical scrub for me. Since I like exfoliate daily it is extremely important that I properly moisturize it. My favorite way to do this, if you couldn’t already tell from other posts, is by using masks. I have heard a lot of great things lately about the Bouncy Sleep Mask from the Body Shop. Any mask I can sleep in and wake up with beautiful skin is always good with me.

I just finished up my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara not long ago and decided to branch out after using it for over a year. Right now I am using the Miss Manga mascara and while I am enjoying it I can’t help but notice all the hype for the Benefit Roller Lash. From the previews I have seen it looks incredible. I love a mascara that can separate my lashes and I am a sucker for a curved wand. The last product I am craving is the Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Styling Treatment. I am in desperate need for a trim right now but my appointment for today has been cancelled due to snow. Once I do get all the split ends off I am looking for a way to keep my hair healthy for as long as I can. I have heard amazing things about the Perfect Hair Day line and I can’t wait to see if it lives up to the hype.