Summer Skincare Wishlist

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As you might can tell I was not kidding when I said I was on a skincare kick lately. This week I have shown my obsession with my Top 10 Skincare Tips post on Tuesday and now my wish list today. I have finally gotten into a routine that is working for me but I have one of each product. I want to add in alternates for each step to keep my skin on it’s toes so to speak and I have heard amazing reviews on all of these products.

I already have an alternative to my cleanser so we will move right on to the second step in my skincare routine which is toner. Right now I am using the F.A.B. facial radiance pads and wanted to stick with the chemical exfoliant trend with the Pixi Glow Tonic. I have heard nothing but raves reviews and can’t wait to add it into my routine. Along with that is the Rose Petal Witch Hazel toner which is a more natural toner. Next I go with an eye cream and I am looking for a heavier one to wear at night instead of my day time one pulling double duty. The Good Genes serum is the most expensive and supposed to be the most impressive of this group. I want to try out a sample to see if it really is life changing before spending all that money. Going from most to least expensive is the Pond’s Rejuveness cream which I have heard is comparable to the La Mer night cream. If this is true then I will be extremely pleased with this drugstore purchase. Lastly is the Bouncy Sleeping Mask which is supposed to be ultra hydrating and give you glowing skin, which is perfect for summer time.

Do you have any recommendations for my summer wishlist?

  • Oh K.

    I need EVERYTHING. I really want to try out the glow toner, that seems like a good idea. Also I love the packaging 🙂 I have also been wanting to get the Origins ginzing eye cream. You should check out the Origins charcoal mask! / creative lifestyle blog.
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    • Alicia

      Thanks for the recommendation. I have been trying out a lot of masks lately and I will definitely be adding this to the list!

  • Sofia Nilsson

    Great tips! I LOVE the Body Shop products.

  • Kellie

    I love reading these beauty tips! Thanks for sharing!



    Carolina Clover