10 Tips for Long, Healthy Hair

Tips for Long, Healthy Hair( pin


  1. Drink plenty of water and eat healthy. If you want any part of your body to look and feel better you have to take care of it.
  2. Deep condition with a mask about once a week. The one I am currently using is the Macadamia Deep Repair MaskĀ or coconut oil.
  3. Use a heat protectant any time you are going to use a styling tool on your hair, even before blow drying.
  4. Get your hair trimmed when your ends split and become dry. I get my hair cut about every six months, so I am not telling you to go in every other month. You know your hair better then anyone else and will be able to tell when it needs to be trimmed.
  5. Take vitamins to help your hair grow stronger. There are so many on the market now specifically targeting hair and nail growth. I use Biotin but you could also take Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and Fish Oil. (I am not a doctor and you should consult with one to see what is best for your health before taking anything new.)


  1. Don’t wash your hair everyday. I was mine every 3-4 days but I know people who can go longer than that and people that can only go 1-2 days without washing.
  2. Don’t use a lot of heat. This is an obvious one but very important. Not washing your hair and using less heat go together perfectly. If you style your hair the day you wash it then the style should holdĀ  until your next wash.
  3. Don’t brush your hair while wet. This will pull and cause breakage which is the opposite of healthy hair. I brush mine with my fingers while conditioning in the shower or I will brush it right before a shower to get any tangles out.
  4. Don’t try to get out a really stubborn knots while your hair is wet. If you get a tangle in the shower and it won’t come out leave it until your hair air dries. It will be easier to get out and cause less damage to your hair.
  5. Don’t tie up your hair really tight and try not to sleep with you hair in a ponytail or bun. Keeping your hair up really tight will cause breakage and pull at your scalp. If you want to keep your hair contained while you sleep try loose braids. These will also give you a nice wave in the morning.