5 Essentials for the Bride to Be

5 Essentials for the Bride to Be

Happy Friday! We are almost 5 months exactly from our wedding day so there is going to be a lot more wedding content on here leading up to the big day. Today I wanted to share 5 essentials for the bride to be that are helpful to have leading up to the wedding day and on the day of itself. Whether you are newly engaged or already in the planning process it’s always helpful to hear what other people used to help make their wedding planning life easier.

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You’re Engaged! Now what?

So you just got engaged and here come all the questions…when? where? how many people? From that day forward everyone wants to know how wedding planning is going. Before you think about any of that you really should celebrate! So grab some bubbly and your now fianće and just take in the fact that you are engaged. Grab a bottle of Cinzano, one of Italy’s most iconic brand for sparkling wine, and celebrate this time in your life when you get to be a fianće.

Next up, you are going to need to start gathering ideas. Whether you are the type of person that has been planning your wedding since you were a kid, or if you are like me and never thought of all the details of wedding planning before. Either way its always good to get some fresh ideas for what you want to wear, florals, and decorations. So pick up a copy of Brides wedding magazine from the store and start gathering inspiration. They also have tips and timelines for you to use if you aren’t sure where to start with wedding planning.

With wedding planning also comes beauty planning. If you are spending a lot of money and time you want to look your best when the day comes. You can make sure you do by coming up with a beauty plan leading up to the wedding. You’ll want to think about keeping your skin looking its best, teeth whitening, and unwanted hair removal. You can get this done quickly before or even the day of with Nair wax strips. They are ready to go without a mess and travel-friendly, so they can be thrown into a purse if needed.

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The Day Of…

Once you make it to the actual day of your wedding hopefully you have everything you need. No one wants to be stressing about anything at the last minute. So it’s best to think way ahead of time what you are going to need to complete your day-of look.

You want to look your best in your dress so be sure to get any shapewear you may need. Maidenform Shapewear comes in all different styles to fit any dress you could possibly have. This helps give a smooth look under your dress and keeps everything slim looking all day.

And last but not least of the 5 essentials for the bride to be is some sparkle. If you are traditional and looking to have something old, new, borrowed, and blue then you can knock out two birds with this Safi Kilima Tanzanite bracelet. You can get it in different carat sizes and it has an adjustable closure to fit any wrist size. Which if you have super tiny wrists like me you know how important that is!

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