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Between the Pearls collects information for the purpose of statistical use. Information like email addresses, names, and other personal information will not be shared with third parties unless otherwise stated for a giveaway.  I have the right to remove any comments that are unfit for this site.

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Between the Pearls is a part of several affiliate marketing programs. Some commission may be earned by purchases or clicks on certain links on this site or or any related social media platforms.

Between the Pearls does not accept any products of sponsored posts from companies that I would not post about without compensation. All gifted items are marked with “c/o” and all sponsored posts will be disclosed. All views and opinions expressed on Between the Pearls are my own.

Media |

Images may not be downloaded, manipulated, of reproduced without prior
written permission from Betweenthepearls.com . Any commercial or private use
without explicit written consent is prohibited and punishable through
us and worldwide copyright law.

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If you have any inquiries regarding the above information please feel free to email: betweenthepearls@gmail.com

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