Favorite Lush Christmas Products

Lush is my favorite place to buy bath products. I especially love taking baths when it gets into the colder months. It also helps that my favorite bath bomb only comes out for Lush Christmas time (hint: it’s the one with the shooting star). I am very sensitive to smells so I will be really picky with the products I pick up.

Luxury LUSH Pud – This bath bomb is full of colors which is my favorite kind. The holly on top basically screams Christmas time. The smell of it is sweet but with a hint of floral so neither scent is too overwhelming.

Dashing Santa – This cutie is a favorite from last year. It is a really fizzy bomb and has a citrus smell. It is different from all the other bath bombs that come out during the season. It has shimmer that looks amazing swirling in the water.

Shoot for the Stars – This is my favorite bath bomb I have ever tried. The smell is an amazing sweet honey scent. It turns the bath water an amazing blue/purple color. Once it starts melting it lets out little stars of soap that fill the tub and some shimmer. The smell and color combined make for the perfect bath bomb for me.

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