How to Prep for Engagement Photos

How to Prep for Engagement Photos

Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all! It’s been awhile since I’ve shared in real update here on the blog about wedding planning. We are definitely in high gear now that it’s getting closer. We ended getting a lot done during the month of August, including the pictures for today’s post.

Matt and I headed down to New Orleans for 2 days with both of our moms to check some major things off our to-do list. We shot our engagement photos, did our menu tasting, did our cake tasting, and checked out things for the rehearsal dinner. Because we are planning from a distance we really have to be sure to make the most of our time. Less than 24 full hours in New Orleans and four major things done! But really enough about that and onto how to prep for engagement photos.

Use this time as a trial opportunity

To look your best for your shoot you  will probably get your hair and makeup done professionally. Use this opportunity to have it done by the people you are considering to use for your wedding. This gives you the opportunity to adjust your vision and make sure that you like the wedding professionals you are looking to hire. You will get see how long the hair and makeup hold up and how it will look in photos. This is also a trial with your photographer if you are using the same one for your wedding. It gives you and your fiance a chance to be in front of the camera and become a little more comfortable.

To prepare for my engagement photo session I used the Glow App. This app that allows you to connect with local makeup artists and hairstylists to come directly to your home. You don’t have to worry about going to a salon or working around salon hours. I work an 8-5 job and a lot of salons close by the time I could get to them. With the Glow App I was able to schedule my appointments around my schedule. Another great part is that the professionals are trained in multiple services. Michelle Schaefer, who works in the Birmingham area, also ended up giving me my first ever spray tan, as well as doing my hair for the shoot.

Other Tips

Don’t forget to have your ring cleaned. With engagement shoots there are typically quite a few up close ring shots.

If you or your fiance are looking to get your hair cut for the shoot, make sure it’s done a week or two before. This allows time for it to grow out a little  in case there are any mistakes made.

Be sure to try on your outfits ahead of time with your fiance. This way you can make sure they go well together and that what you are picturing in your mind translates to real life.