Karuna | Skin Transformation Kit

In 2015 one of my beauty goals is to focus more on skincare. I have always been a bit of a slacker when it comes to a skincare routine. The only part I have stuck with (which I think is the most important) is taking off all my makeup at night. Moisturizing, toning, and exfoliating have been left on the back burner. I am trying to turn that all around so that can help my skin feel and look a lot better.

I got the Karuna Skin Transformation Kit for just in time to start this new routine. Face masks are my favorite part of skin care because my skin feels so soft after. I had never used sheet masks before so it was a fun experience for me. I decided to try out the Hydrating mask first because my skin has been incredibly dry from the cold and I have been sick. They have a lot of different options for the masks and they all are for different skin needs. All but two of the masks are safe for sensitive skin. Putting the mask on was easier than I thought it would be and any extra that was left on my hands I rubbed into my neck and hands.
I left the mask on for twenty minutes and I really enjoyed using it. It took a minute for the serum to sink in after I took the clothe off but once it did my skin was incredibly soft and hydrated. I am most excited to use the eye masks next. I have been so tired lately and my under eye circles could use some help. Some other good points about these masks is that they are natural fiber clothes and paragon free.  Overall my experience with this kit was extremely positive and I am excited to try out a lot more skincare products.


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