Skincare Spotlight | Masks

Skincare Spotlight | Masks

I try to do a face masks a few times a week. I base what mask I use on how my skin is feeling that day, which is just another excuse for me to buy so many different ones.

Boscia Bright White and Boscia Luminizing Mask – On days when I am not breaking out and my skin is feeling hydarted I will use these mask. I have hyperpigmentation and sometimes acne scars and I use these masks to brighten those, as well as my whole complexion. The white mask does have a strange consistency that is very thick and does not spread easily.

Lush Mask of Magnaminty – If I am breaking out or notice that some spots are about to come up I go for this mask. It’s from Lush which is a brand I have loved for their bath products. I decided to branch out and try some of the skincare that I had heard such great things about. This mask was at the top of my list. It is a clay mask that deep cleans your skin while it’s and when you wash it off it acts as an exfoliator. It doesn’t dry out my skin and you can use it on body breakouts as well.

Sheet Masks – If my skin is feeling very dry then I will pull out a sheet mask. Right now I am trying out the Sephora brand ones and they have a variety of them for different purposes. I like the Karuna brand one’s better based on the fact that they stay better on my face and feel more saturated. I recommend using these when you have time to just sit or lie down and not move around much. I usually use these while taking a bath for the full relaxation experience.

What are some of your favorite masks?