Styling a Long Vest Pt. 2

Styling a Long Vest as a Dress

Happy Wednesday! Today’s look is a continuation of Monday’s post on styling a long vest. While that look ended up being very casual today’s look is just the opposite. When I first saw this vest I immediately thought of how I could style it as a dress. What I loved most about it was the simple cut and the gold buckle detail. I went with the simple gold detail theme when styling the rest of this look with the handbag and sunglasses. A long vest is a great, simple piece that can be easily be dressed up or down. I will say that you may want to wear a slip underneath if you do style it as a dress because the bottom part is not too secure, if a big gust of wind comes through.



H&M Long Vest
Charming Charlie Heels c/o
Diff Sunglasses
Forever 21 Necklace
Charming Charlie Handbag c/o