Top 10 Skincare Tips

10 Skincare Tips | Between the PearlsToday I wanted to share some general tips on skincare and improving your routine. Everyone’s skin is different and will react accordingly. I tried to keep these tips quite general so that they would be helpful for most everyone.


1. Always wear sunscreen and don’t forget your ears. SPF 30 generally works best.

2. Moisturize your face and body right after a shower to lock in moisture.

3. Wash your face before bed and after you wake up. Never sleep with make up on.

4. Drink lots of water. It will help to clear up a complexion and is just all around good for you.

5. Try to get 6-8 hours of sleep a night. A good nights rest does your mind and skin some good.

6. Exfoliate your face and body a few times a week but don’t overdue it and cause irritation.

7. Don’t forget about your neck and décolleté during your skincare routine. Most everything that is going on with your face should go down your neck as well. This area shows signs of aging the most, along with your hands.

8. Pat your eye cream in with your ring finger .Rubbing it in tugs at your skin and causes wrinkles.. Your ring finger has a lot of warmth in it and will help the product dissolve into your skin better.

9. Don’t neglect your body. The skin covering your body is the biggest organ and needs to be taken care of. Use a dry brush all over your body to stimulate circulation and create extremely smooth skin.

10. Avoid foaming cleansers if you have problems with acne. Most ingredients that cause foaming create more bacteria on the skin and can leave acne worse than before.


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