What’s In My Beach Bag

Between the Pearls | What's in My Beach Bag

Heading to the beach is one of my favorite summer time activities. My friends and I usually make a trip to the Gulf coast but this year Matt and I got our beach time in Miami. The gulf coast still has my heart but south beach was definitely beautiful. I figured this would be the perfect time to show you guys what’s in my beach bag.

What's in my beach bag, Miami Beach


whats in my beach bag miami beachSwimsuit | Beach Bag | Sandals | Sunscreen | Sunglasses | Hair ties | Ear buds | Coverup | Magazine

The first thing you need is a giant bag to fit everything in. I have two oversize towels that I love for the beach. They are so big that they don’t fly away and get sand all over them. So I need a big bag to put these in because they definitely take up most of the space. Next and most importantly is sunscreen. I have been loving this Neutrogena one for my face. Along with sunscreen I also bring a hat or cap to help cover my face. You definitely need to protect your skin and hair from the sun, especially being out on a beach.

When I am not in the ocean I need to entertain myself so I always bring a good book or magazine and some headphones. I also always pack some hair ties. I normally put my hair into a braid when getting into the ocean to keep it from getting too tangled. Last but not least, I pack a cute cover-up to go over my swimsuit and sandals to save my feet from the hot sand.